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With extensive experience in the inkjet refilling business (since 1999), along with a lengthy and thorough research & development process, the R-III System was created based on these criteria :

Most Black Ink Cartridges Use Pigment Base Ink:

When this type of ink dries it causes severe clogging of the nozzle,channel & chamber & is very difficult to remove.We designed the R-III Inkjet to use pressure to inject steam in to the cartridge to soften the old dried ink, and then the vacuum system to evacuate the old ink. After the cleaning process there may be a small residual amount of ink remaining.The R-III system design uses a pressure system to inkjet a fresh supply of ink in to the cartridge through the print nozzles.This method has the benefit of absorbing any small amount of residual old ink in to the fresh ink so the cartridge is refilled to quality standards. Refilling the cartridge from the top will not clear this residual ink nor absorb it in to the fresh ink supply, resulting in poor print performance.

Color Ink Cartridges Use A Water Base Ink:

We use our R-III Inkjet steam / vacuum process on these types of cartridges to completely clean the cartridge with no residual old ink remaining as the water base ink easily dissolves in the steam. There is, therefore, not the same advantage, as in black ink refilling, in using a machine to refill the color ink cartridge. There is , however, the disadvantage of using a machine in that the machine would require a large footprint & would be costly to construct if it incorporated a separate input for each of the numerous color inks in various cartridges. If separate inputs are not utilized, there will be cross contamination of the inks, resulting in poor print performance. We resolved that the simplest and most cost effective method to then refill the color ink cartridges would be manually. This method is very quick & efficient while giving us good quality control of the refilling process. Our objective was to build a powerful recovery & refilling system with a small footprint (kiosk installation) that was as simple in design and operation as possible, built of durable materials for longetivity, that provides a quality cleaning and refilling process ~ that is what the R-III Inkjet System is. The quality materials used in the construction along with the sleek machine design results in a product that exudes professionalism.

Cartridges are cleaned before refilling as follows:

The Steam Gun is used to inject steam into the Print head (Nozzles), Ink Channel [s] and Ink Chamber (s). The steam will loosen all Dried Up ink, Clogged Nozzles, Ink Channel [s] and Ink Chamber [s].

The Vacuum Gun tip is then placed on the Print Head (Nozzles) and activated to evacuate all loosened ink from the Chamber (s), Channel [s] and Nozzles. This will result in a completely empty and clean cartridge, which can be properly refilled with a fresh ink supply.

The cartridge is then placed into the appropriate cradle where new ink is injected into the cartridge through the print head Nozzles utilising the air cylinder system.

Testing: The refilled cartridge is then placed in the appropriate printer for testing to assure print quality

Weighing:The final step in the process is to weigh the refilled cartridge to assure amount of ink as OEM volumes.
The end result is that you can provide your customer a refilled cartridge with a success rate of 95-98 %.

The design of the machine allows for the Recovery of all HP, Lexmark, Dell, Cannon, Sharp, and Kodak Black or Color cartridges with attached print heads.

Black ink cartridges with attached print heads are refilled on the R-III Inkjet machine
Color ink cartridges with attached print heads are refilled quite easily and efficiently by hand. Manually refilling color ink cartridges ensures that there is no cross contamination of the different colors.
Refilled ink cartridges with attached print heads are primed after filling

The R-III Inkjet is a multifunctional machine with 5 independent filling stations. These stations [cradles] are constructed of Anodised Aluminium with a stainless steel frame. They are extremely sturdy yet simple to operate & maintain.

Warranty: The R-III Inkjet System comes with a ONE year limited warranty on all parts subject to the equipment being operated under normal conditions.


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