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R-III INKJET system was designed & built by INKJET SPECIALISTS our parent company. They have extensive experience in the refilling business, starting in 1999 to provide a cartridge refilling service to the public using the manual process

They attempted to secure equipment already on the market in order to provide a speedier and more efficient refill service to the public. The only equipment that was available was extremely limited in performance due to the fact that the providers appeared to have very limited knowledge & experience of the refilling business and had therefore not been able to do the proper research and development. Inkjet Specialists made the decision to design & develop their own product. After the very lengthy and thorough research & development effort, along with a major investment of capital, the RIII Inkjet was born.

With this newly available recovery, refill & recycle system we are able to provide a very efficient, reliable and economical refill service to the public. We are also able to keep up with new technology as the printer manufacturers introduce new cartridge types, by easily modifying our equipment as required. As this is being written, all cartridges on the market can be processed by the RIII Inkjet System.

The most outstanding feature of the RIII Inkjet System is that it incorporates a thorough cleaning of all cartridges prior to refilling them. 80-90% of all cartridges presented for refilling have dried ink somewhere in the cartridge. If these cartridges are refilled without proper cleaning, there can be no guarantee that the cartridge will work properly conversely, there is a very good possibility that the cartridge will provide poor print results, if in fact the cartridge provides any printing results at all.

We are able to offer our customers a quality recovered & refilled cartridge that allows us to follow up by further offering them refilling of the same cartridge by our system for up to 10 refills per cartridge. Along with these features we provide our customers a refill print success rate of +/-98% : 100%Guaranteed. As you would expect, with the type of service that we provide, we naturally have a loyal repeat clientele. This is constantly supplemented by the new business that is generated from the generous word of mouth advertising of our service by our very satisfied customers

The RIII Inkjet Refilling System is very unique which has granted a Patent . This benefits you immensely as it means that in addition to you being able to provide a very efficient service to your customers, you have the assurance that the hard earned business that you develop will be secure as no one can copy our process.


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