Phoenix is a health care agency that specializes in staff relief for long term care and assistedliving organizations. We provided a number of health care workers that are able to meet your staffing needs.

We are an organization that works together with community facilities and regional agencies in promoting and providing mental, physical, and spiritual health care to individuals across Canada.

We understand that residents’ desires differ in each stage of the human life cycle; and we are determined to provide the upmost quality of care and meet changing expectations through genuine relationship building with clients, staff, and stakeholders.

Our mission is to change the way health care agencies are viewed by delivering authentic and compassionate care to residents in all conditions despite what age, gender, color, creed, race, religion, or sexual orientation. Our strategy is to obtain and sustain a competitive advantage in the health care industry by connecting knowledgeable workers with labor shortages in today’s market and for new ages to come.